Timeless Change

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My interest in setting up this blog is largely self-serving. At age 75 I wanted to write about what I have learned in my life and use that as a thread to weave into my understanding and beliefs about our species, its evolution, and that of the world while looking at history from this my moment in time, and to project the trends in our world history into the next millennia. I would be delighted if family and friends take time to read the blog periodically as I add chapters.  I’d be doubly delighted if strangers find my reflections meaningful to their life journey.  The title of the first chapter captures the breadth of ambition I have for this quasi-autobiographical endeavor :“This Moment in Timeless Change: From There To Now To Timeless Tomorrow”.  Other chapters will be added to these ten and all will occasionally be edited as my thinking evolves and feedback suggests acceptable changes.  So if you wish, please enrich my thinking and keep abreast of additional chapters and edits.